Nature Methods votes cryo-EM as "Method of the Year 2015"

NeCEN cited as one of 6 multi-users facilities worldwide

Single-particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) has been voted "Method of the Year 2015" by Nature Methods (13, 1, 2016). The cryo-EM resolution revolution is also discussed in a Commentary by Robert Glaeser (page 28 of the same issue).

It is acknowledged that there currently is a limitation in accessing a high-end TEM needed to collect data capable to achieve near-atomic resolution. Bob Glaeser suggests "A sensible solution would be to establish, as soon as possible, dedicated facilities whose mission is to support users who need only to bring their samples to the facilities, or who can even send in their grids and monitor data collection remotely." NeCEN is cited as one of 2 European multi-user facilities (along with Diamond in Oxford UK) and of 6 worldwide facilities currently in operation.