Come and collect your data, because we're back to full capacity.

After technical maintenance and upgrading, both our Titan Krios miscroscopes are now fully operational. Krios 1 has been fitted with a Gatan K3 bioquantum detector. Krios 2 has been fitted with a Gatan K2 bioquantum detector (and still has Falcon3 detector available).


With the new K3 camera, Krios 1 recently produced a 1,7 Ang resolution apoferritin structure and routinely collects single particle data at 150 movies/hour. We are experimenting with AFIS data collection to reach 300 movies/hour. Krios 2 is currently being tested to see how far we can push the resolution and data collection speed.


As we are back to full capacity, we would like to urge our users to contact us to schedule data collection time. There are quite a few available days at the moment, but it might get more crowded later on in the year. To avoid disappointment later on, we encourage you to make use of the time that is available now.