An international facility for open access to high-end cryo-electron microscopy and cryo-electron tomography, only 30 minutes from Schiphol airport

Our Services

Electron Microscopy

NeCEN is an open access facility for high resolution cryo-electron microscopy of biological samples. Two state of the art Titan Krios transmission electron microscopes allow cost-efficient automated data collection for our customers.

Sample preparation

Flash freezing enables preservation of biological samples in a vitrified, close-to-native state. The cryo lab at NeCEN is equipped with all instrumentation needed to prepare samples for atomic resolution data collection, including a focused ion beam and a Talos L120C for sample screening.

Data processing

No high resolution structure is possible without data processing. The experienced operators at NeCEN help you on-site to get most out of your data using state-of-the-art hardware and software.


Want to know it all? Intense training courses at NeCEN will make you a cryo-EM expert! 


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the dates of the next Cryo-EM school sessions have yet to be determined. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested.